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Release date:
22 October, 2014

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Black Tower Enigma is a retro style riddle/puzzle fantasy adventure being developed for Mac, PC, iOs and Android, here you play as Wigo, the orc, whose wife has been kidnapped and taken up to the skies by a magic dress gifted by a mysterious fairy. The main feature of Black Tower Enigma is that it takes place inside a mysterious tower which has a riddle in each level that must be solved in order to proceed. The clues to solve the riddles are hidden inside the tower.


Black Tower Enigma was made with the intention to create a retro style game that allows the player to have fun in both the short and long run at the same time that is being wrapped in an atmosphere of fantasy and adventure.


  • Elaborated riddles and hints along each level
  • Interesting story discovered along each level
  • Retro pixel art graphic style
  • Orchestral designed songs
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay


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Selected Articles

  • "if you really want to go and see if you can solve all the puzzles with nothing but your wit and wisdom, ignoring the temptation for a walkthrough, then this is going to be worth more than just the small price you paid for it."
    - Lori.h, Jay is Games
  • "is an intriguing game of riddles and challenges that is perfect for casual gameplay. If you’re into retro-style graphics you’ll find this one right up your alley."
    - appPicker, appPicker
  • "Black Tower Enigma has the same deep story development, but instead of traveling across dangerous lands to rescue the damsel in distress, players face riddles and puzzles in a tower of never-ending floors."
    - Lory Gil, iDownloadBlog
  • "I enjoyed this title because the tiny pixel art was very well done and the puzzle greatly varied in difficulty or in nature."
    - Cokamouse, Pookybox
  • "It is fun, entertaining, makes you really think and the storyline and characters rememberable. You will enjoy it."
    - PhillyX, Confident Gamers
  • "It is a tricky undertaking, but fun at the same time."
    - AppZapp, AppZapp
  • "Black Tower Enigma para iOS vem justamente para resgatar essa época onde, a despeito dos gráficos bem mais simples, tínhamos histórias muito bem elaboradas."
    - TudoCelular, TudoCelular
  • "Het retro karakter van Black Tower Enigma, samen met de goed doordachte raadsel maken dit spel een echte aanrader."
    - Marteen, One More Thing

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Available for free from soundcloud.com.

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Black Tower Enigma Credits

Esteban Durán
Producer, Designer, Programmer, Artist, Writer

Pablo Godínez Ferrel

Gabriela Godínez Ferrel

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